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Twenty-Second Annual Report on Federal Agency Use of Voluntary Consensus Standards and Conformity Assessment Activities



Nathalie M. Rioux


The FY 2018 summary, prepared by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), compiles the reports provided by 23 participating agencies listed in Appendix A. In these reports, agencies document any new use of GUS in lieu of VCS during FY 2018 and provide a rationale for each new use. Agencies also list any rescinded GUS in lieu of VCS during the past year. Agencies briefly describe their activities undertaken to carry out provisions described in Circular A-119. Individual agency reports may be found at…. For FY 2018, federal agencies reported eight new GUS used in lieu of VCS as noted in Appendix B. EPA reported seven GUS dealing with methods for determining emissions of various gases, and one for validating field measurement methods. As reported in Appendix C, in FY 2018, three GUS used in lieu of VCS were rescinded by agencies. DOT rescinded 49 CFR 571.304, incorporated in 2016. Both EPA Method 25 and EPA Method 25A were incorporated in 2001 and are still in use, however EPA rescinded them from their report as their use does not meet the reporting requirements of the NTTAA. As reported in Appendix D, two GUS used in lieu of VCS were reported in FY 2016 by DOT but were not included in the FY 2016 Appendix D. These two GUS are now being noted and included in the overall total of GUS reported in lieu of VCS.
NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR) - 8279
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NTTAA, OMB-119, voluntary consensus standards, government unique standards
Created November 11, 2020, Updated November 12, 2020