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Trade-offs in Size and Performance for a Point Source Interferometer Gyroscope



Gregory W. Hoth, John E. Kitching, Elizabeth A. Donley, Bruno Pelle


Point source interferometry (PSI) is a promising technique that could lead to a compact, high- performance gyroscope based on atom interferometry. We consider the trade-offs in size and performance with PSI. In particular, we discuss the sensitivity and dynamic range that could be achieved with a simple PSI gyroscope with an evacuated volume ranging from 1~mm$^3$ to 10 cm$^3$. We also discuss the stability required of the initial atomic distribution in order to achieve part-per-million scale factor stability.
Conference Dates
March 28-30, 2017
Conference Location
Kauai, HI
Conference Title
Proceedings of IEEE Inertial Sensors


cold-atom gyroscope, light pulse atom interferometer, point source interferometry, scale factor stability


Hoth, G. , Kitching, J. , Donley, E. and Pelle, B. (2017), Trade-offs in Size and Performance for a Point Source Interferometer Gyroscope, Proceedings of IEEE Inertial Sensors, Kauai, HI, [online], (Accessed April 19, 2024)
Created March 27, 2017, Updated October 2, 2019