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Thickness Dependence of Magnetic Film Edge Properties in Ni80Fe20 Stripes



Robert D. McMichael, C A. Ross, V P. Chuang


Measurements of trapped spinwave edge modes in transversely magnetized stripe arrays of Ni80Fe20 largely confirm pervious theoretical predictions for the thickness dependence of the edge saturation field Hsat and the effective out-of-plane edge anisotropy field H2. The stripes were patterned using optical interference lithography with film thicknesses in the range from 10 to 65 nm. Large linewidth values for edge modes relative to bulk modes indicate inhomgeneity of the edges. Elimination of an antireflective coating underlayer dramatically decreases the edge mode linewidth without affecting the bulk mode linewidth.
Journal of Applied Physics


edge modes, inhomogeneity, magnetic film, trapped spinwave


McMichael, R. , Ross, C. and Chuang, V. (2008), Thickness Dependence of Magnetic Film Edge Properties in Ni<sub>80</sub>Fe<sub>20</sub> Stripes, Journal of Applied Physics (Accessed May 21, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008