Thermal Analysis of Nanoparticles: Methods, Kinetics and Recent Advances

Published: May 04, 2015


Elisabeth Mansfield


This chapter will provide an overview of the thermal techniques available to study nanoparticles, including thermogravimetric analysis, calorimetry and differential scanning calorimetry. The use of thermoanalysis for the measurement of nanoparticle purity and composition is discussed, including how these instrumental methods can help determine coatings on the nanoparticle surfaces. The application to measure nanocomposite kinetics and composition is discussed, as well as how these techniques can be used to obtain kinetic information about the nanoparticles. Finally, new techniques leading towards the future of nanoparticle thermal analysis are discussed.
Citation: Modeling, characterization, and production of nanomaterials: Electronics, photonics, and energy applications
Publisher Info: Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge, -1
Pub Type: Books


Thermal analysis, nanoparticles
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