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Synchrotron Methods for Flexible Hybrid Electronics Industrial Recommendations on Interagency (DoC-DoD-DoE) Partnerships to Address Measurement Challenges Hindering the Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Ecosystem



Christopher L. Soles, Richard A. Vaia, Ronald Pindak


The round-table participants concluded that facilities at NSLS-II provide immediate opportunities to address some of the critical processing and measurement challenges that are blocking the path towards a sustainable US-centric Flexible Hybrid Electronic (FHE) industrial ecosystem. Competitive analysis developed in support of the solicitation of the US- government’s Institute for Manufacturing Innovation on Flexible Hybrid Electronics (2015) indicated the lack of such an ecosystem in other nations. Establishing an on-shore capability for advance manufacturing and devices development was considered important to maintain the superiority of US technology development and global leadership in this sector, for both defense and commercial needs. The development of NSLS-II measurement and research expertise in additive manufacturing, 4D printing and associated operando studies would be crucial to increase industry-government coordination in support of these goals. These partnerships afford long-term opportunities for NSLS-II to develop world-unique capabilities that can solve fundamental pervasive issues that limit the growth of structural and functional additive manufacturing, specifically with respect to operando understanding of material processing- structure correlations, and resultant impact on developing process controls and establishing limits of property variability. Furthermore, there was recognition that the engagement of U.S. synchrotron facilities more broadly would have substantial benefit since capabilities and upgrades at each facility are complementary.
Advanced Manufacturing Series (NIST AMS) - 300-3
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printed electronics, flexible electronics, manufacturing, metrology, synchrotron, X-ray, interagency collaboration, manufacturing institutes
Created February 12, 2018, Updated April 24, 2020