On the Susceptibility of Coded OFDM to Interference: A Simulation Study

Published: January 04, 2018


Jason B. Coder, Yao Ma


The susceptibility of broadband wireless communications signals (e.g., LTE, IEEE 802.11) to interference has been a topic of significant research. In this paper, we implement a simulation-based study on the impact interference can have on the bit error rate (BER) performance of coded orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) transmissions. Our study covers two types of interference (a narrow-band tone signal and a pulse train signal), and two popular coding schemes (Turbo and LDPC). Simulation results show that Turbo and LDPC coding schemes provide large coding gains in the presence of white noise (without other interference), but are not effective against the narrow-band tone and pulse train interference. This observation calls for more robust coding and/or filtering design against interference for coded OFDM transmissions.
Proceedings Title: Proceedings of the 2018 National Radio Science Meeting
Conference Dates: January 4-8, 2018
Conference Location: Boulder, CO
Conference Title: 2018 National Radio Science Meeting
Pub Type: Conferences

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