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Super Charge Separation and High Voltage Phase in NaxMnO2



Xi Chen, Yichao Wang, Kamila Wiaderek, Xiahan Sang, Olaf Borkiewicz, Karena Chapman, James LeBeau, Jeffrey W. Lynn, Xin Li


NaxMnO2 shows Mnu3+^ and Mn^4+ charge separation with charge stripe ordering upon Na de-intercalation at x=5/8, similar to many colossal magnetoresistance materials. We show in this paper that, surprisingly, at lower Na compositions of 5/8 >x less than or equal to}1/18 the phase evolution pathway of NaxMnO2 upon Na de-intercalation shows a unique phenomenon of super charge separation, where the Mn3+ and Mn^4+^ ions fully charge-separate into charge super-plans rather than stripes. These super-plans dominate both the electronic and magentic interactions in NaMnO2. Na ions in Mn3+ super-plans also naturally pillar the MnO2 layers to form the unusual O1 phases with large interlayer distances at x < 1/3, contributing to the high capacity.
Advanced Functional Materials


Na batteries, Na de-intercalation, full Mn charge separation, Mn super-planes, neutron diffraction, high antiferromagnetic transition


Chen, X. , Wang, Y. , Wiaderek, K. , Sang, X. , Borkiewicz, O. , Chapman, K. , LeBeau, J. , Lynn, J. and Li, X. (2018), Super Charge Separation and High Voltage Phase in Na<sub>x</sub>MnO<sub>2</sub>, Advanced Functional Materials, [online], (Accessed June 13, 2024)


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Created December 11, 2018, Updated October 12, 2021