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Substrate-enhanced photothermal nano-imaging of surface polaritons in monolayer graphene



Samuel Berweger, Fabian Menges, Honghua Yang, Tao Jiang, Markus B. Raschke


Surface polaritons comprise a wealth of light-matter interactions with deep subwavelength scale confinement of electromagnetic modes. However, their nanoscale localized dissipation and thermalization processes are not readably accessible experimentally. Here, we introduce photo-thermal force microscopy to image the nonradiative surface plasmon polariton (SPPs) dissipation in monolayer graphene on SiO2. We demonstrate the real-space imaging of SPPs via photo-induced force detection, and by direct comparison with all-optical s-SNOM imaging we attribute this response to substrate dissipation-induced thermal expansion. This work illustrates that tip-sample nanocavity induced dissipative forces facilitate a direct mechanical detection of surface polariton interactions with monolayer sensitivity.
APL Photonics


Berweger, S. , Menges, F. , Yang, H. , Jiang, T. and Raschke, M. (2021), Substrate-enhanced photothermal nano-imaging of surface polaritons in monolayer graphene, APL Photonics (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created April 1, 2021, Updated February 15, 2023