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Sub-nanosecond Tuning of Microwave Resonators Fabricated on Ruddlesden-Popper Dielectric Thin Films



Aaron M. Hagerstrom, Xifeng Lu, Natalie Dawley, H. Nair, Jordi Mateu, Robert D. Horansky, Charles A. Little, James C. Booth, Christian J. Long


Voltage-tunable dielectric materials are widely used for microwave-frequency signal processing. Among tunable dielectric thin films, (SrTiO3)nSrO Ruddlesden-Popper (RP) superlattices have exceptionally low loss at high frequencies. This paper reports the first realization of resonators, a ubiquitous building block of microwave components, fabricated on RP films, and an analysis of their static and dynamic tuning behavior. The resonators have approximately 2.5 % tuning of the resonance frequency at room temperature and 20 % tuning at 200 K, and a tuning time scale of less than a nanosecond, which is limited for the current measurements by the circuit rather than material properties
Journal of Advanced Materials


tunable, microwave, ruddlesden-popper, SrTiO3, components, telecommunications, tuning speed
Created July 9, 2018, Updated March 27, 2019