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Study on the Interfacial Properties of Two-Dimensionally Arranged Glass Fiber/Epoxy Resin Model Composites



Chang K. Moon, Gale A. Holmes, Walter G. McDonough


The effect of interfiber distance on the interfacial properties in two dimensional multi-E-glass fiber/epoxy resin composites has been investigated using fragmentation test. In addition, the effect of the fiber surface treatment on the interfacial properties has been studied. We found that the interfacial shear strength decreased with the decreasing interfiber distance at the range of greater than 50 micrometers and the extent of the decreasing was more serious as the increasing of the number of adjacent fiber. This is probably that the interface between the fiber and the resin was damaged by the breaking of adjacent fibers and the damage increased with minimizing the interfiber spacing and the number of adjacent fibers. We can guess that interfacial shear strength in real composites is much smaller than that of multifiber fragmentation sample with touched fiber. When the interfiber distance was less than 50 micrometers, the interfacial shear strengths were saturated regardless of fiber surface treatment and were in close agreement with those of the single fiber fragmentation test. Finally, the interfacial shear strength evaluated using two dimensional fragmentation tests are shown as real values in-site regardless of fiber surface treatment, interfiber distance, and existing matrix cracks.
Journal of Applied Polymer Science


interfiber distance, interfacial properties, two dimensional fragmentation test, matrix crack, damage


Moon, C. , Holmes, G. and McDonough, W. (2005), Study on the Interfacial Properties of Two-Dimensionally Arranged Glass Fiber/Epoxy Resin Model Composites, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, [online], (Accessed June 12, 2024)


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Created June 4, 2005, Updated October 12, 2021