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Stress Analysis of Conical Contact Joints in the NIST 4.45 MN Deadweight Machine



Nicholas A. Vlajic, Akobuije D. Chijioke, Ricky L. Seifarth


Structural analysis of conical contact joints in the NIST 4.45 MN Dead Weight Machine using finite element analysis is presented in this paper. This analysis was undertaken due to the observation of surface damage in these joints. Parametric studies are performed by varying geometry, material constitutive relations, and frictional forces at the interface of the convex and concave cones. The finite element solutions treat nonlinearities originating from elastic-plastic material relations, frictional forces, and contact between the surfaces. %Parametric studies were performed with different magnitudes of friction, different material laws, and geometrical tolerances. These results provide insights into the mechanisms of stress generation in such joints, and how these stresses are influenced by different structural parameters.
Journal of Research (NIST JRES) -


nonlinear finite elements, galling, deadweight force machine
Created May 10, 2016, Updated November 14, 2018