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State-of-the-Art in Human-Robot Interaction



Jeremy Marvel, Megan Zimmerman, Shelly Bagchi


In this chapter, we will discuss the applications of HRI and HMI in industrial robotics, and will discuss topics such as collaborative robot safety, advances in HMI designs and development paradigms, and the current state of HRI. Throughout the following sections, we will present and discuss several metrics by which human-robot collaborations may be assessed, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Moreover, market and research trends will be presented to highlight the convergence (and lead time) of HRI theory with real-world application.
Recent Advances in Industrial Robotics
Publisher Info
World Scientific Publishing Company, Hackensack, NJ


Human-robot interaction, human-machine interfaces, collaborative robots, collaborative robot safety


Marvel, J. , Zimmerman, M. and Bagchi, S. (2018), State-of-the-Art in Human-Robot Interaction, Recent Advances in Industrial Robotics, World Scientific Publishing Company, Hackensack, NJ, [online], (Accessed May 18, 2024)


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Created June 7, 2018, Updated February 9, 2022