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A spray drying system for synthesis of rare-earth doped cerium oxide nanoparticles



Renu Sharma


We have constructed a spray-dryer to synthesize doped ceria nanoparticles. This system was employed to synthesize mixed oxide nanoparticles of praseodymium doped (3%, 10% and 20mol %) ceria. X-ray Diffraction (XRD) confirmed the fluorite-like cubic crystal structure of the synthesized materials after calcination. As-dried CeO2 samples were found to have an average particle size of 6nm which after calcination at 700 C for 2hrs increased to 17nm with an improvement in crystallinity. The particle size increased for 3% and 10% Pr doped samples but nearly doubled for the 20% case. The lattice parameter of ceria was found to obey Vegard s law.
Chemical Physics Letters


Spray drying, CeO2, Pr-doped CeO2, XRD, TEM, EELS, Vegard s law


Sharma, R. (2010), A spray drying system for synthesis of rare-earth doped cerium oxide nanoparticles, Chemical Physics Letters, [online], (Accessed February 25, 2024)
Created August 10, 2010, Updated February 19, 2017