Spin transfer switching of spin valve nanopillars using nanosecond pulsed currents

Published: October 29, 2004


Shehzaad F. Kaka, Matthew R. Pufall, William H. Rippard, Thomas J. Silva, Stephen E. Russek, Jordan A. Katine, Matt Carey


Spin valve nanopillars are reversed via the mechanism of spin momentum transfer using current pulses applied perpendicular to the film plane of the device. The applied pulses were varied in amplitude from 1.8 to 7.8 mA, and varied in duration within the range of 100 ps-200 ns. The probability of device reversal is measured as a function of the pulse duration for each pulse amplitude. The reciprocal pulse duration required for 95% reversal probability is linearly related to the pulse current amplitude for currents exceeding 1.9 mA. For this device, 1.9 mA marks the crossover between dynamic reversal at larger currents and reversal by thermal activation for smaller currents.
Citation: Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
Volume: 286
Pub Type: Journals

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Current-induced magnetization reversal, Magnetic devices, Magnetization reversal, MRAM, Nanopillars, Spin momentum transfer, spin torque, Spin valves
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