Spectrum Sensing with WLAN Access Points

Published: January 06, 2016


Jason B. Coder, Ryan T. Jacobs, Vivian Musser


With wireless communication becoming more and more common in simple everyday devices, the available spectrum is quickly filling up and the risk of interference is increasing. This interference could be a slight nuisance to or it could be a more significant loss of data or disruption of critical services. To better understand the quantity and type of traffic in congested environments, a potential spectrum sensing solution in the ISM bands is discussed. If the electromagnetic environment is better understood, this will enable device manufacturers to better test their products before deployment, ensuring they can still perform in a crowded electromagnetic environment.
Proceedings Title: Proceedings of the 2016 National Radio Science Meeting
Conference Dates: January 6-9, 2016
Conference Location: Boulder, CO
Conference Title: 2016 National Radio Science Meeting
Pub Type: Conferences

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