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Spectroradiometer Characterization for Colorimetry of LEDs



Yoshihiro Ohno, B Kranicz


The uncertainties in color measurements of LEDs by spectroradiometers can be much larger than those for traditional broadband sources due to the quasi-monochromatic nature of LED spectra. In this paper, the uncertainties in chromaticity of LEDS due to bandpass, scanning intervals, and wavelength errors, are analyzed by simulation. Based on the analysis, a spectroradiometer for colorimetry of LEDs has been designed and built at NIST and characterized for uncertainties in measured chromaticity coordinates and other color quantities.
Conference Dates
May 1, 0011
Conference Title
CIE Expert Symposium


chromaticity coordinate, colorimetry, LED, spectroradiometer, spectroradiometry


Ohno, Y. and Kranicz, B. (2001), Spectroradiometer Characterization for Colorimetry of LEDs, CIE Expert Symposium (Accessed July 21, 2024)


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Created May 1, 2001, Updated February 17, 2017