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Semiautomated Data-Recording and Control System for an Electron Energy Analyzer



Cedric J. Powell


A description is given of a digital data-recording and control system that has been used with a high resolution low energy electron scattering apparatus for the measurement of characteristic electron energy-loss spectra and Auger-electron spectra of solids (at room and elevated temperatures) and liquids. This system is based on a multichannel analyzer and has the following features: (a) Specimens can be prepared many times with data accumulated in arbitrarily short times after preparation (prior to specimen contamination), and final spectra of high precision can be obtained by summation of individual runs; (b) the voltage sweep applied to the electron energy analyzer can be calibrated dynamically; and (c) data can be accumulated and the target heated by electron bombardment in a cyclic manner with variable accumulation and heating periods. Characteristic loss spectra of tungsten at 800° C and of liquid aluminum are presented as examples of operation of the system.
Review of Scientific Instruments


Powell, C. (1973), Semiautomated Data-Recording and Control System for an Electron Energy Analyzer, Review of Scientific Instruments (Accessed April 17, 2024)
Created August 1, 1973, Updated February 19, 2017