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Seeing in Three Dimensions: An alternative technique for viewing large information spaces



Matthew L. Aronoff, John V. Messina, Kevin G. Brady


This paper describes Hydra, a graphical software tool designed for use on the Web, that is intended to simplify the building, editing, and searching of large and complex information hierarchies. Specifically, the initial development focuses on facilitating the development of XML based standards used in supporting business-to-business e-commerce transactions within the electronics industry. Hydra uses novel 3-dimensional methods for displaying and manipulating such structures in a graphical format that simplifies their representation, navigation and understanding by a user.
NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR) - 7093
Report Number


3d, b2b, hydra, java, pip, rosettanet, xml
Created August 30, 2004, Updated October 16, 2008