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Secure Sealed-Bid Online Auctions Using Discreet Cryptographic Proofs



Rene C. Peralta, Jose A. Montenegro, Javier Lopez


This work describes the design and implementation of an auction system using secure multiparty computation techniques. Our aim is to produce a system that is practical under actual eld constraints on computation, mem- ory, and communication. The underlying protocol is privacy-preserving, that is, the winning bid is determined without information about the losing bids leaking to either the auctioneer or other bidders. Practical implementation of the protocol is feasible using circuit-based cryptographic proofs along with additively homomorphic bit commitment. Moreover, we develop the con- cept of Proof Certi cate. These certi cates convey sucient information to recreate the cryptographic proofs and verify them oine.
Mathematical and Computer Modelling


Discreet Proofs, Probabilistic Ciphers, Multiparty Computation, Online Auctions, Zero-Knowledge Protocols, Proof Certificates.


Peralta, R. , Montenegro, J. and Lopez, J. (2013), Secure Sealed-Bid Online Auctions Using Discreet Cryptographic Proofs, Mathematical and Computer Modelling, [online], (Accessed March 1, 2024)
Created May 10, 2013, Updated November 10, 2018