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Secondary-Electron Energy Distribution in High-Energy Photoemission



David R. Penn


We have calculated the energy distribution of secondary electrons observed in core-level XPS or core-level synchrotron photoemission experiments on Al. The secondary electrons are produced when the photoexcited primary electrons scatter inelastically from the valence electrons via the mechanisms of bulk and surface plasmon production and electron-hole production. The scattering cross sections for these events are determined from the Lindhard dielectric function, although the plasmon dispersion and broadening are taken from experimental measurements. Multiple scattering is taken into account by means of the Wolff-Spencer-Fano integral equation for the electron-energy distribution. The calculated results are compared to experiment.
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology


Penn, D. (1977), Secondary-Electron Energy Distribution in High-Energy Photoemission, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created January 1, 1977, Updated June 2, 2021