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Identifications of extreme ultraviolet spectra of Br-like to Ni-like neodymium ions using an electronbeam ion trap

April 30, 2021
C. Suzuki, Dipti Goyal, Y. Yang, A. Gall, Roshani Silwal, S. Sanders, Aung S. Naing, Joseph N. Tan, Endre A. Takacs, Yuri Ralchenko
Charge-resolved extreme ultraviolet spectra of open N-shell neodymium (Nd) ions have been recorded in an electron beam ion trap facility at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The measurements have been performed for nominal electron beam

Measurements of the Linear Polarization of Satellite Transitions from Li- and Be- like Ar Ions

June 18, 2020
Amy Gall, Dipti Goyal, Sean W. Buechele, Samuel C. Sanders, Roshani Silwal, Csilla Szabo-Foster, N Brickhouse, Yuri Ralchenko, Endre A. Takacs
Non-thermal electron distributions, such as beams of electrons, are found in many laboratory and astrophysical plasma sources and can produce anisotropic and polarized emission. Theories used to model the emission require sublevel specific analysis, which

Spectroscopic analysis of N-intrashell transitions in Rb-like to Ni-like Yb ions

June 9, 2020
Dipti Goyal, R. Silwal, Joan M. Dreiling, Samuel C. Sanders, Endre A. Takacs, Yuri Ralchenko
Extreme ultraviolet spectra of highly-charged ytterbium ions produced in an electron beam ion trap at National Institute of Standards and Technology were observed with a at- eld grazing incidence spectrometer in the wavelength region of about 4 nm to 20 nm

Linear Polarization of Anisotropically Excited X-ray Lines from the n=2 Complex in He-like Ar16+

May 13, 2020
Dipti Goyal, Sean W. Buechele, Amy C. Gall, Samuel C. Sanders, Csilla I. Szabo-Foster, Roshani Silwal, Endre A. Takacs, Yuri Ralchenko
High-resolution x-ray spectra were recorded at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) electron beam ion trap (EBIT) using two Johann-type crystal spectrometers, with their dispersion planes oriented parallel and perpendicular to the beam