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Efficient Parameter Exploration of Simulation Studies

November 18, 2022
Megan Olsen, M S Raunak
Simulation is a useful and effective way to analyze and study complex, real-world systems. It allows researchers, practitioners, and decision makers to make sense of the inner working of a system that involves many factors often resulting in some sort of

Ordered t-way Combinations for Testing State-based Systems

June 13, 2022
D. Richard Kuhn, M S Raunak, Raghu N. Kacker
Fault detection often depends on the specific order of inputs that establish states which eventually lead to a failure. However, beyond basic structural coverage metrics, it is often difficult to determine if code has been exercised sufficiently to ensure

Metamorphic Testing for Hybrid Simulation Validation

July 19, 2021
Mohammed Farhan, Caroline Krejci, Megan Olsen, M S Raunak
Proper validation of a simulation model is essential to have confidence on its accuracy and credibility. However, many of the most effective approaches for simulation validation require access to data that may not always be available. Metamorphic Testing

Vulnerability Trends in Web Servers and Browsers

September 11, 2020
M S Raunak, D. Richard Kuhn, Raghu N. Kacker, Richard Kogut
In previous work we have looked at trends in vulnerabilities due to ordinary programming errors [2, 3]. This analysis focuses on two of the most widely used types of software in today's internet, web browsers and web servers. In addition to reports of

Combinatorial Testing of Full Text Search in Web Applications

August 18, 2017
M S Raunak, David R. Kuhn, Raghu N. Kacker
Database driven web applications are some of most widely developed systems today. Testing these applications effectively and discovering difficult-to-find bugs continues to be a challenge for software engineers. In this paper, we show that combinatorial