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Part Deflection Measurements of AM-Bench IN718 3D Build Artifacts

October 6, 2023
Maxwell Praniewicz, Jason Fox, Jared Tarr
One of the primary barriers for adoption of additive manufacturing (AM) had been the uncertainty in the performance of AM parts due to residual stresses/strains. The rapid melting and solidification which occurs during AM processes result in high residual

Merging experiments and computer simulations in X-ray Computed Tomography probability of detection analysis of additive manufacturing flaws

January 27, 2021
Felix Kim, Adam L. Pintar, Jason Fox, Jared B. Tarr, Alkan Donmez, Anne-Francoise Obaton
X-ray Computed Tomography (XCT) is a growing industrial non-destructive testing (NDT) technique for advanced manufacturing industries such as additive manufacturing (AM). Probability of detection (POD) is a critical aspect for qualifying NDT techniques

The effects of particle size distribution on the rheological properties of the powder and the mechanical properties of additively manufactured 17-4 PH stainless steel

January 14, 2021
Jordan S. Weaver, Justin G. Whiting, Vipin Tondare, Carlos R. Beauchamp, Max A. Peltz, Jared B. Tarr, Thien Q. Phan, Mehmet Donmez
It is well known that changes in the starting powder can have a significant impact on the laser powder bed fusion process and subsequent part performance. Relationships between the powder particle size distribution and powder performance such as

Evaluation of Nondestructive Volumetric Testing Methods for Additively Manufactured Parts

June 4, 2020
Anne Francoise H. Obaton, Bryan Butsch, Stephen McDonough, Nans Laroche, Yves Gaillard, Jared B. Tarr, Patrick Bouvet, Rodolfo Cruz, Alkan Donmez
Additive manufacturing enables the production of customized and complex parts. These two aspects are very attractive for aerospace and medical sectors. However, in these critical sectors, governed by strict safety requirements, the quality of the parts is


July 19, 2019
Felix H. Kim, Adam L. Pintar, Jason C. Fox, Jared B. Tarr, M A. Donmez, Anne-Fran?oise Obaton
A methodology to determine probability of detection (POD) of X-ray Computed Tomography (XCT) was developed using Additive Manufacturing defects. A signal response POD analysis (a^ vs a) was used, where both signal response (a^) and true defect size (a)

Efficient volumetric non-destructive testing methods for additively manufactured parts

June 6, 2019
Anne-Francoise Obaton, Bryan Butsch, Ewen Carcreff, Nans Laroche, Jared B. Tarr, Alkan Donmez
As additive manufacturing (AM) moves towards industrial production in critical sectors such as aerospace and medical, the integrity of the fabricated AM parts need to be ensured in order for these parts to be certified. This requires quality controls