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2019 Public Safety Broadband Stakeholder Presentations by NIST Authors

October 25, 2021
Richard A. Rouil, Tom Henderson, Marco Mezzavilla, Michele Polese, Jaden Pieper, Chunmei Liu, Silas Thompson, David W. Griffith, Christopher Walton, Christopher D. Dennis, Fabio C. da Silva, John S. Garofolo, James M. Horan, Samuel Hood, Julie Stroup, Christine Task, Terese Manley, Sam Ray, Alison Kahn, Maxwell Maurice, Hien V. Nguyen, Frederick R. Byers, Kristen K. Greene, Mary Theofanos, Yee-Yin Choong, Sandra Spickard Prettyman, Pamela J. Konkol, Jeffrey Cichonski, Bill Fisher, Gema Howell, Mike Dolan, Adam Lewis, Michael Ogata, John Beltz, Michael Bartock, Sarah Hughes, Santosh Rajvaidya, Craig Connelly, Scott Ledgerwood, Megan Waldock, Dereck R. Orr, Donald Bradshaw, Jeb Benson
2019 Public Safety Broadband Stakeholder Presentations by NIST Authors

PSCR 2021: IoT Data Foundations: Outcomes and Advances

September 28, 2021
Alison Kahn
This presentation aims to introduce stakeholders and relevant academic and industry partners to the Data Foundations Website that is being published as a complement to the 2020 DHS Data Foundations for Public Safety Report. It will give the audience a

PSCR 2021: What if IoT Data Were Accessible to Public Safety?

September 28, 2021
Alison Kahn, Don Harriss
As part of the CHARIoT Challenge overview, this presentation first explains the need for IoT information in public safety, and the current limitations on accessing IoT data. A panel with Don Harriss, Alison Kahn, and CHARIoT Challenge partner Scott

PSCR 2020_First Responder IoT Environments: Examining Data Foundations

October 29, 2020
Alison M. Kahn
As Internet of Things (IoT) technologies become more prevalent in society, there is still a large technology gap existing in the public safety field. This presentation discusses a joint effort between the Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR)