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Determination of electron beam energy in measuring the electron-impact ionization cross section of He-like Fe24+

March 17, 2023
Yuri Ralchenko, Galen O'Neil, Paul Szypryt, Joseph N. Tan, Aung S. Naing, Yang Yang, Dipti Dipti, Amy Gall, Adam Hosier, David Schultz, Randall Smith, Nancy Brickhouse, Endre Takacs
In an effort to measure electron-impact ionization (EII) cross sections of He-like $Fe^24+}$ at the electron beam ion trap (EBIT) facility of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), we have experimentally determined the corrections to

Background and blended spectral line reduction in precision spectroscopy of EUV and x-ray transitions in highly charged ions

March 3, 2023
Yuri Ralchenko, Joseph N. Tan, Aung S. Naing, Galen O'Neil, Paul Szypryt, Dipti Dipti, Grant Mondeel, Roshani Silwal, Alain Lapierre, Steven Blundell, Gerald Gwinner, Antonio Camargo Villari, Endre Takacs
We report a method in EBIT spectral analysis that reduces signal from contaminant lines of 1 known or unknown origin. We utilize similar ion charge distributions of heavy highly charged ions 2 that create similar potentials for lighter contaminating

Analysis of E3 Transitions in Ag-like High-Z Ions Observed with the NIST EBIT

March 1, 2023
Yuri Ralchenko, David La Mantia, Aung S. Naing, Paul Szypryt, Joseph N. Tan, Endre Takacs, Dipti Dipti, Yang Yang, Adam Hosier, Hunter Staiger
We report measurements and identification of the E3 4f$_7/2,5/2}$-5s$_1⁄2$ transitions and E1 allowed transitions in Ag-like W (Z=74), Re (Z=75), and Ir (Z=77). The spectra were recorded at the NIST EBIT using a grazing-incidence EUV spectrometer. The

Identifications of extreme ultraviolet spectra of Br-like to Ni-like neodymium ions using an electronbeam ion trap

April 30, 2021
C. Suzuki, Dipti Goyal, Y. Yang, A. Gall, Roshani Silwal, S. Sanders, Aung S. Naing, Joseph N. Tan, Endre A. Takacs, Yuri Ralchenko
Charge-resolved extreme ultraviolet spectra of open N-shell neodymium (Nd) ions have been recorded in an electron beam ion trap facility at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The measurements have been performed for nominal electron beam

Capture of Highly Charged Ions in a Pseudo-Hyperbolic Paul Trap

July 12, 2019
Joan M. Dreiling, Aung S. Naing, Joseph N. Tan, Joshua Hanson, Shannon Hoogerheide, Samuel M. Brewer
The confinement of ions in a radio-frequency (RF) trap (also known as a Paul trap) has proven to be advantageous in many applications. Typically, singly- or few-times-ionized atoms can be created in situ within the ion trap. Highly charged ions, on the