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Analysis of E3 Transitions in Ag-like High-Z Ions Observed with the NIST EBIT



Yuri Ralchenko, David La Mantia, Aung S. Naing, Paul Szypryt, Joseph N. Tan, Endre Takacs, Dipti Dipti, Yang Yang, Adam Hosier, Hunter Staiger


We report measurements and identification of the E3 4f$_7/2,5/2}$-5s$_1⁄2$ transitions and E1 allowed transitions in Ag-like W (Z=74), Re (Z=75), and Ir (Z=77). The spectra were recorded at the NIST EBIT using a grazing-incidence EUV spectrometer. The present measured wavelengths and theoretical predictions using GRASP2K calculations confirm previous observations of the same E3 transitions in Ag-like W. Our collisional-radiative model using the NOMAD code offers an insight into the population kinematics for Ag-like ions of heavy elements. We discuss the observed spectra and comparisons of the measured and simulated spectral lines.


E3 transitions, Ag-like, configuration-mixing, collisional-radiative modeling


Ralchenko, Y. , La Mantia, D. , Naing, A. , Szypryt, P. , Tan, J. , Takacs, E. , Dipti, D. , Yang, Y. , Hosier, A. and Staiger, H. (2023), Analysis of E3 Transitions in Ag-like High-Z Ions Observed with the NIST EBIT, Atoms, [online],, (Accessed July 20, 2024)


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Created March 1, 2023, Updated June 21, 2023