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Accelerated Bottom-up Gold Filling of Trenches

July 12, 2019
Daniel Josell, Maureen E. Williams, Stephen J. Ambrozik, Chen Zhang, Thomas P. Moffat
This work extends previously detailed void-free, bottom-up feature filling in a near-neutral Na3Au(SO3)2 + Na2SO3 electrolyte containing micromolar concentrations of Bi. Bottom-up electrodeposition in 17 m and 45 m tall trenches is demonstrated using

Bottom-up Gold Filling of High Aspect Ratio Trenches

June 19, 2019
Stephen J. Ambrozik, Thomas P. Moffat, Daniel Josell, Chen Zhang, Houxian Miao
This work demonstrates bottom-up superconformal Au filling of trenches as tall as seventeen micrometers. Deposition is conducted in a near-neutral Na3Au(SO3)2 + Na2SO3 electrolyte containing a micromolar concentration of Bi3+, known to accelerate the Au

Neuroelectronic Device Process Development and Challenge

March 16, 2017
Jessie Zhang, Gymama Slaughter, Matthew Robinson, Joel Tyson
One of the major challenges of brain activity monitoring is to obtain high quality signals from the brain using metal electrodes. The probes consisting of metal electrodes have to be thin enough without damaging the tissue while maintaining good contact to