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Mid-Infrared Dual Frequency Comb Spectroscopy for Combustion Analysisin the 2.8 to 5 micron Spectral Region

June 7, 2020
Ian Coddington, Nathan R. Newbury, Greg Rieker, Amanda S. Makowiecki, Daniel Herman, Nazanin Hoghooghi, Elizabeth F. Strong, Gabriel Ycas, Fabrizio Giorgetta, Ryan Cole, Caelan Lapointe, Jeff Glusman, John Daily, Peter E. Hamlington
We demonstrate the application of mode-locked mid-infrared dual frequency comb spectroscopy for combustion analysis. With two settings of the same dual-comb system, the measurement spans 1500 cm-1 (2.8 to 5 microns) with 0.0067 cm-1 (200 MHz) point spacing

High temperature performance of the HITEMP2010 and HITRAN Online databases: comparison with frequency comb measurements of water vapor absorption from 6800 cm-1 to 7200 cm-1

April 3, 2018
Paul J. Schroeder, D Pfotenhauer, J Yang, William C. Swann, Ian R. Coddington, Nathan R. Newbury, Greg B. Rieker
The HITEMP2010 and HITRAN Online databases are important tools for predicting molecular absorption under various environmental conditions. At room temperature the databases can be quite accurate, owing to their development using room temperature absorption

Broadband phase spectroscopy over turbulent air paths

September 4, 2015
Fabrizio R. Giorgetta, Greg B. Rieker, Esther Baumann, William C. Swann, Laura C. Sinclair, Jonathan Kofler, Ian R. Coddington, Nathan R. Newbury
Broadband atmospheric phase spectra are measured at sub-milliradian uncertainty corresponding to a 10-13 refractive index change, despite strong decoherence from atmospheric turbulence. A phase-sensitive dual-comb spectrometer acquires spectra over 233 cm

Frequency-Comb-Based Remote Sensing of Greenhouse Gases over Kilometer Air Paths

October 29, 2014
Greg B. Rieker, Fabrizio R. Giorgetta, William C. Swann, Jonathan Kofler, Alexander M. Zolot, Laura C. Sinclair, Esther Baumann, Christopher L. Cromer, G. Petron, Colm Sweeney, P P. Tans, Ian R. Coddington, Nathan R. Newbury
We demonstrate frequency comb tooth-by-tooth measurements of atmospheric gas absorption across a 2-km, turbulent, open-air path through coherent dual-comb spectroscopy. High accuracy, high signal-to-noise transmission spectra are acquired spanning 5990 to

High Resolution Frequency Comb Molecular Spectroscopy.

November 3, 2013
Ian R. Coddington, Alexander M. Zolot, Esther Baumann, Fabrizio R. Giorgetta, Greg B. Rieker, Jeffrey W. Nicholson, William C. Swann, Nathan R. Newbury
Frequency combs serve as an extremely high accuracy reference across broad portions of the optical spectrum. Dual frequency combs harness this accuracy and allow for fast and highly fidelity molecular spectroscopy.

Open-Path Dual-Comb Spectroscopy of Greenhouse Gases

June 9, 2013
Greg B. Rieker, Fabrizio R. Giorgetta, William C. Swann, Ian R. Coddington, Laura C. Sinclair, Christopher L. Cromer, Esther Baumann, Alexander M. Zolot, Nathan R. Newbury
Frequency-comb spectroscopy in the near-infrared is used to measure atmospheric CO2 and H2O concentrations over a 2-km outdoor open-air path. This technique shows promise for measurements over length scales between point sensors and satellite systems.

Precision metrology with coherent dual frequency combs

May 12, 2013
Nathan R. Newbury, Esther Baumann, Ian R. Coddington, Fabrizio R. Giorgetta, Greg B. Rieker, Laura C. Sinclair, William C. Swann, Alexander M. Zolot
Frequency combs have enabled a wide range of applications because of their unique combination of coherence and broad bandwidth. The comb provides 100,000's of comb teeth at precise, well-known optical frequencies that can support broadband accurate