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Precise methane absorption measurements in the 1.64 micron spectral region for the MERLIN mission

June 2, 2016
Joseph T. Hodges, Stephen E. Maxwell, Zachary D. Reed, Hong Lin, Keeyon Sung, Malathy Devi, Thomas Warneke, Peter Spietz, Ha Tran, Thibault Delahaye
In this article we describe a high-precision laboratory targeting the R(6) manifold of the 2ν3 band of 12CH4. Accurate physical models of this absorption spectrum will be required by the Franco-German, Methane Remote Sensing LIDAR (MERLIN) space mission

Coherent cavity-enhanced dual-comb spectroscopy

May 4, 2016
Adam J. Fleisher, David A. Long, Zachary D. Reed, David F. Plusquellic, Joseph T. Hodges
Multiheterodyne spectroscopy performed with two stabilized optical frequency combs (OFCs) has shown great potential as a fast, accurate, and high-resolution substitute for existing interferometry methods that require lengthy integration times and precision

Cavity ring-down spectrometer for high-fidelity molecular absorption measurements

April 1, 2015
Vincent T. Sironneau, Hong Lin, Zachary Reed, Joseph T. Hodges
We present a cavity ring-down spectrometer which was developed for near-infrared measurements of laser absorption by atmospheric greenhouse gases. This system has several important attributes that make it possible to conduct broad spectral surveys and to