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Field Compressed Sensing

Anthony B. Kos, Fabio C. Da Silva, Jason B. Coder, Craig W. Nelson, Grace E. Antonucci, Archita Hati
Imaging solutions based on wave scattering seek real-time performance, high dynamic range, and spatial accuracy at scales spanning from nanometers to thousands

Characterization of a PXIe based low-field digital NMR spectrometer

Joshua R. Biller, Karl F. Stupic, Anthony B. Kos, Timothy Weilert, George Rinard, Yoshi Nakashima, John M. Moreland
A low-field nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) instrument is an important tool for investigating a wide variety of samples under different conditions. In this

Time domain measurement of phase noise in a spin torque oscillator

Mark W. Keller, Anthony B. Kos, Thomas J. Silva, William H. Rippard, Matthew R. Pufall
We measure phase noise from the zero crossings of the voltage vs. time waveform of a spin torque nanocontact oscillating in a vortex mode. The power spectrum of

256-Channel Magnetic Imaging System

Fabio C. Da Silva, Sean Halloran, Anthony B. Kos, David P. Pappas
We present the design and fabrication of a magentoresistive imaging system capable of measuring 256 channels simultaneously along linear ranges of 4 mm and 13

256-channel magnetic imaging system

Fabio C. Da Silva, Sean Halloran, Anthony B. Kos, David P. Pappas
We present the design and fabrication of a magnetoresistive imaging system capable of scanning 256 channels simultaneously along linear ranges of either 4 or 13

RFID Devices and Systems in Homeland Security Applications

Catherine A. Remley, Jeffrey R. Guerrieri, Dylan F. Williams, David R. Novotny, Anthony B. Kos, Nelson Bryner, Nader Moayeri, Michael Souryal, Kang Lee, Steven Fick
This article reports on activities being carried out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology to ensure secure, reliable use of Radio-Frequency

Zigzag-shaped magnetic sensors

Fabio C. Da Silva, Willard C. Uhlig, Anthony B. Kos, Susan A. Schima, Jose A. Aumentado, John Unguris, David P. Pappas
Magnetism in zigzag-shaped thin-film elements is investigated using scanning electron microscopy with polarization analysis, magnetotransport measurements, and