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Uniaxial Pressure Effect on the Magnetic Ordered Moment and Transition Temperatures in BaFe 2-x T x As 2 (T=Co,Ni)

February 17, 2017
David W. Tam, Yu Song, Haoran Man, Sky C. Cheung, Zhiping Yin, Xingye Lu, Weiyi Wang, Benjamin A. Frandsen, Lian Liu, Zizhou Gong, Takashi U. Ito, Yipeng Cai, Murray N. Wilson, Shengli Guo, Keisuke Koshiishi, Wei Tian, Bassam Hitti, Alexandre Ivanov, Yang Zhao, Jeffrey W. Lynn, Graeme M. Luke, Tom Berlijn, Thomas A. Maier, Yasutomo J. Uemura, Pengcheng Dai
We use neutron diffraction and muon spin relaxation to study the effect of uniaxial pressure on the paramagnetic-to-antiferromagnetic phase transition (TN) in BaFe2As2 and superconducting BaFe1.915Ni0.085As2. In a local moment picture, the uniaxial

Identification of the Low-Energy Excitations in a Quantum Critical System

December 20, 2016
Tom Heitmann, Jagat Lamsal, Shannon M. Watson, Ross Erwin, Wangchun Chen, Yang Zhao, Wouter Montfrooij
We have identified low-energy magnetic excitations in a doped quantum critical system by means of polarized neutron scattering experiments. The presence of these excitations could explain why Cd(Fe0.76Ru0.24)2Ge2 displays dynamical scaling in the absence

Distinct Magnetic Spectra in the Hidden Order and Antiferromagnetic Phases in URu 2-x Fe x Si 2

November 7, 2016
Nicholas P. Butch, Sheng Ran, Inho Jeon, Noravee Kanchanavatee, Kevin Huang, Alexander Breindel, M. Brian Maple, Ryan L. Stillwell, Yang Zhao, Leland Weldon Harriger, Jeffrey W. Lynn
We use neutron scattering to compare the magnetic excitations in the hidden order (HO) and antiferromagnetic (AFM) phases in URu2-xFexFexSi2 as a function of Fe concentration. The magnetic excitation spectra change significantly between x=0.05 and x=0.10

Forbidden Phonon: Dynamical Signature of Bond Symmetry Breaking in the Iron Chalcogenides

September 1, 2016
David M. Fobes, Igor A. Zaliznyak, John M. Tranquada, Zhijun Xu, Genda D. Gu, Xu-Gang He, Wei Ku, Yang Zhao, Masaaki Matsuda, V. Ovidiu Garlea, Barry Winn
Investigation of the inelastic neutron scattering spectra in Fe1+yTe1-xSex near a signature wave vector Q = (1,0,0) for the bond-order wave (BOW) formation in parent compound Fe1+yTe reveals an acoustic-phonon-like dispersion present in all structural

Magnetic Structure of Yb 2 Pt 2 Pb: Ising Moments on the Shastry-Sutherland Lattice

March 22, 2016
W. Miiller, L. S. Wu, M. S. Kim, T. Orvis, J. W. Simonson, M. Gamza, D. M. McNally, C. S. Nelson, G. Ehlers, A. Podlesnyak, Joel Helton, Yang Zhao, Yiming Qiu, John R. Copley, Jeffrey W. Lynn, I. Zaliznyak, M. C. Aronson
Neutron diffraction measurements were carried out on single crystals and powders of Yb2Pt2Pb, where Yb moments form planes of orthogonal dimers in the frustrated Shastry-Sutherland Lattice (SSL). Yb2Pt2Pb orders antiferromagnetically at TN=2.07 K, and the

Neutron Scattering Studies of Spin-Phonon Hybridization and Superconducting Spin-Gaps in the High Temperature Superconductor La 2-x (Sr,Ba) x CuO 4

March 14, 2016
J.J. Wagman, J. P. Carlo, Jonathan Gaudet, G. Van Gastel, D. L. Abernathy, M. B. Stone, G. E. Granroth, A. I. Koleshnikov, A. T. Savici, Y. J. Kim, H. Zhang, D. Ellis, Yang Zhao, L. Clark, A. B. Kallin, E. Mazurek, H. A. Dabkowska, B. D. Gaulin
We present time-of- flight neutron-scattering measurements on single crystals of La2-x^BaxCuO4 (LBCO) with 0 less than or equal to}xless than or equal to} 0:095 and La2-xSrxCuO4 (LSCO) with x = 0.08 and 0.11. This range of dopings spans much of the phase

The Synthesis and Characterization of 1111 Type Diluted Ferromagnetic Semiconductor (La 1-x Ca x )(Zn 1-x Mn x )AsO

December 17, 2015
Cui Ding, Shengli Guo, Yao Zhao, Huiyuan Man, Licheng Fu, Yilun Gu, Zhouyang Wang, L. Liu, B. A. Frandsen, S. Cheung, Y. J. Uemura, T. Goko, H. Luetkens, E. Morenzoni, Yang Zhao, F.L. Ning
We report the synthesis and characterization of a bulk form diluted magnetic semiconductor, (La1-xCax)(Zn1-yMny)AsO, with a two dimensional crystal structure isostructural to that of the 1111 type Fe-based high-temperature superconductor LaFeAsO and the

Influence of Electron Doping on the Ground State of (Sr 1-x La x ) 2 IrO 4

August 17, 2015
Xiang Chen, Tom Hogan, D. Walkup, Wenwen Zhou, M. Pokharel, Mengliang Yao, Wei Tian, Thomas Z. Ward, Yang Zhao, Daniel E. Parshall, C. Opeil, Jeffrey W. Lynn, Vidya Madhavan, Stephen D. Wilson
The evolution of the electronic properties of electron-doped (Sr1-xLax)2IrO4 is experimentally explored as the solubility limit of La is approached. As electrons are introduced, the electronic ground state transitions from a spin-orbit Mott phase into an

Spin Waves and Spatially Anisotropic Exchange Interactions in the S = 2 Stripe Antiferromagnet Rb 0.8 Fe 1.5 S 2

July 13, 2015
Meng Wang, P. Valdivia, Ming Yi, J. X. Chen, W. L. Zhang, R. A. Ewings, T. G. Perring, Yang Zhao, Leland Harriger, Jeffrey W. Lynn, E. Bourret-Courchesne, Pengcheng Dai, D. H. Lee, D. X. Yao, R. J. Birgeneau
An inelastic neutron scattering study of the spin waves corresponding to the stripe antiferromagnetic order in insulating Rb0.8Fe1.5S2 throughout the Brillouin zone is reported. The spin wave spectra are well described by a Heisenberg Hamiltonian with

Neutron Spin Resonance as a Probe of Superconducting Gap Anisotropy in Partially Detwinned Electron Underdoped NaFe 0.985Co d0.015^As

June 9, 2015
Chenglin Zhang, J. T. Park, Xingye Lu, Rong Yu, Yu Li, Wenliang Zhang, Yang Zhao, Jeffrey W. Lynn, Qimiao Si, Pengcheng Dai
We use inelastic neutron scattering (INS) to study spin excitations in detwinned NaFe0.985Cod0.015^As which has coexisting static antiferromagnetic (AF) order and superconductivity (Tc=15 K, TN = 30 K). In previous INS work on twinned sample, spin

Quasi-Two-Dimensional Spin and Phonon Excitations in La 1.965 Ba 0.035 CuO 4

June 3, 2015
J. J. Wagman, Daniel E. Parshall, M. B. Stone, A. T. Savici, Yang Zhao, H. A. Dabkowska, B. D. Gaulin
We present time-of-flight inelastic neutron scattering measurements of La1.965Ba0.035Cu)4 (LBCO), a lightly doped member of the high temperature superconducting La-based cuprate family. By using time-of-flight neutron instrumentation coupled with single

Magnetic Order in a-RuCl 3 : A Honeycomb-Lattice Quantum Magnet with Strong Spin-Orbit Coupling

April 24, 2015
J. A. Sears, M. Songvilay, K. W. Plumb, J. P. Clancy, Yiming Qiu, Yang Zhao, Daniel E. Parshall, Young-June Kim
We report magnetic and thermodynamic properties of single crystal α-RuCl3, in which the Ru3+ (4d5) ion is in its low spin state and forms a honeycomb lattice. Two features are observed in both magnetic susceptibility and specific heat data; a sharp peak at

Substitution of Ni for Fe in Superconducting Fe 0.98 Te 0.5 Se 0.5 Depresses the Normal-State Conductivity but not the Magnetic Spectral Weight

January 5, 2015
Jinghui Wang, Ruidan Zhong, Shichao Li, Yuan Gan, Zhijun Xu, Cheng Zhang, T Ozaki, M. Matsuda, Yang Zhao, Qiang Li, Guangyong Xu, Genda Gu, J. M. Tranquada, R. J. Birgeneau, Jinsheng Wen
We have performed systematic resistivity and inelastic neutron scattering measurements on Fe0.98-zNizTe0.5Se0.5 samples to study the impact of Ni substitution on the transport properties and the low-energy (less than or equal to} 12 meV) magnetic

Polaron-Mediated Spin Correlations in Metallic and Insulating La 1-x A x MnO 3 (A=Ca,Sr, or Ba)

December 3, 2014
Joel Helton, Daniel M Pajerowski, Yiming Qiu, Yang Zhao, Dmitry A. Shulyatev, Yakov M. Mukovskii, Georgii L. Bychkov, Sergei N. Barilo, Jeffrey W. Lynn
Neutron spectroscopy measurements reveal short-range spin correlations near and above the ferromagnetic-paramagnetic phase transition in manganite materials of the form La10zAxMnO3, including samples with an insulating ground state as well as colossal

Origin of the Charge Gap in LaMnPO

November 18, 2014
D. E. McNally, J. W. Simonson, K. W. Post, Z. P. Yin, M. Pezzoli, G. J. Smith, V. Leyva, C. Marques, L. DeBeer-Schmitt, A. I. Kolesnikov, Yang Zhao, Jeffrey W. Lynn, D. N. Basov, G. Kotliar, M. C. Aronson
We present inelastic neutron scattering and magnetization measurements of the antiferromagnetic insulator LaMnPO that are well described by a Heisenberg spin model. These measurements are consistent with the presence of two-dimensional magnetic

The Suppression of Curie Temperature by Sr Doping in Diluted Ferromagnetic Semiconductor (La 1-x Sr x )(Zn 1-y MnYdy^)AsO

July 7, 2014
Cui Ding, Xin Gong, Huiyuan Man, Guoxiang Zhi, Shengli Guo, Yang Zhao, Hangdong Wang, Bin Chen, F.L. Ning
(La1-xSrx)(Zn1-yMndy^)AsO is a two dimensional diluted ferromagnetic semiconductor that has advantage of decoupled charge and spin doping. The substitution of Sr2+ for La3+ and Mn2+ for Zn2+ into parent semiconductor LaZnAsO introduces hole carriers and

Magnetic Structure of the Conductive Triangular-Lattice Antiferromagnet PdCrO 2

March 11, 2014
Hiroshi Takatsu, Gwilherm Nenert, Hiroaki Kadowaki, Hideki Yoshizawa, Mechthild Enderle, Shingo Yonezawa, Yoshiteru Maeno, Jungeun Kim, Naruki Tsuji, Masaki Takata, Yang Zhao, Mark Green, Collin Broholm
We performed neutron single crystal and synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction experiments in order to investigate the magnetic and crystal structures of the conductive layered triangular-lattice antiferromagnet PdCrO6d2^ with a putative spin chirality

Ghost Modes and Continuum Scattering in the Dimerized Distorted Kagome Lattice Antiferromagnet Rb 2 Cu 3 SnF 12

January 21, 2014
K. Matan, Y. Nambu, Yang Zhao, T.J. Sato, Y. Fukumoto, T. Ono, H. Tanaka, Collin L. Broholm, A. Podlesnyak, G. Ehlers
Magnetic excitations of the pinwheel valence bond solid state in the distorted kagome lattice antiferromagnet Rb2Cu3SnF12 were studied using high-resolution inelastic neutron scattering. A weakly dispersive mode around 5 meV and duplicate triplet

Interplay Between the Magnetic and Electric Degrees of Freedom in Multiferroic Co 3 TeO 6

March 28, 2012
Wen-Hsien Li, Chin-Wei Wang, Daniel Hsu, Chi-Hung Lee, Chun-Ming Wu, Chih-Chieh Chou, Hung-Duen Yang, Yang Zhao, Sung Chang, Jeffrey W. Lynn, Helmuth Berger
Neutron diffraction, magnetic susceptibility, specific heat, and dielectric constant measurements of single crystal Co3TeO6 have been measured to study the interplay between the ferroelectricy and magnetic order. Long range incommensurate magnetic order

Double-Focusing Thermal Triple-Axis Spectrometer at the NCNR

February 2, 2012
Y. Chen, Sung Chang, Yang Zhao, Songxue Chi, William D. Ratcliff, B. G. Ueland, Ross Erwin
The new thermal triple-axis spectrometer at the NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR) is located at the BT-7 beam port. The 165 mm diameter reactor beam is equipped with a selection of Söller collimators, beam-limiters, and pyrolytic graphite (PG) filter

Antiferromagnetic Spin Excitations in Single Crystals of Nonsuperconducting Li 1-x FeAs

June 24, 2011
Meng Wang, X. C. Wang, D. L. Abernathy, L. W. Harriger, H. Q. Luo, Yang Zhao, Jeffrey W. Lynn, Q. Q. Liu, C. Q. Jin, Chen Fang, Jianping Hu, Pengcheng Dai
We use neutron scattering to determine spin excitations in single crystals of nonsuperconducting Li1¿xFeAs throughout the Brillouin zone. Although angle resolved photoemission experiments and local density approximation calculations suggest poor Fermi