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The Economics of Firefighter Injuries in the United States

David T. Butry, David H. Webb, Stanley W. Gilbert, Jennifer Taylor
This report identifies, summarizes, and evaluates the available data and the literature describing the economic costs associated with non-fatal firefighter

The Costs and Losses of Wildfires

Douglas S. Thomas, David T. Butry, Stanley W. Gilbert, David H. Webb, Juan F. Fung
This report enumerates all possible costs of wildfire management and wildfire-related losses. It, further, compiles estimates or proposes methods for estimating

A Methodology for Estimating Seismic Retrofit Costs

Juan F. Fung, David T. Butry, Siamak Sattar, Steven L. McCabe
Presidential Executive Order 13717 (EO 13717), Establishing a Federal Earthquake Risk Management Standard, encourages federal agencies to ”enhance resilience

Under-Reporting of Wildland Fires in NFIRS: California

David T. Butry, Douglas S. Thomas
The absence of a comprehensive database on fire occurrence along with the possibility of inaccurate data entry in current datasets means that some proportion of

The Decline in Reported Smoking-Caused Wildfires

David T. Butry, Jeffrey P. Prestemon, Douglas S. Thomas
The number of smoking-caused wildfires has been falling nationwide. On national forests in 2011, smoking-caused wildfires represented only 10 % of their 1980

Reducing the Risk of Fire in Buildings and Communities

Anthony P. Hamins, Jason D. Averill, Nelson P. Bryner, David T. Butry, Richard G. Gann, Rick D. Davis, Daniel M. Madrzykowski, Alexander Maranghides, Jiann C. Yang, Matthew F. Bundy, Samuel L. Manzello, Jeffrey W. Gilman, Francine K. Amon, William E. Mell
Fire costs and losses are a significant life safety and economic burden on society comprising about two percent of the United States gross domestic product