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Guidelines for Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Digital PCR Experiments

April 9, 2013
Ross J. Haynes, Jim Huggett, Carole Foy, Vladimir Benes, Kerry Emslie, Jeremy Garson, Jan Hellemans, Mikael Kubista, Tania Nolan, Michael Pfaffl, Gregory Shipley, Jo Vandesompele, Carl Wittwer, Stephen Bustin
There is growing interest in the digital polymerase chain reaction (dPCR) as technological progress makes it a practical and increasingly affordable technology. dPCR allows the precise quantification of nucleic acid, facilitating the measurement of small

Standard Reference Material 2366 for Measurement of Human Cytomegalovirus DNA

March 1, 2013
Ross J. Haynes, Margaret C. Kline, Blaza Toman, Calum Scott, Paul Wallace, John M. Butler, Marcia J. Holden
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is one of a number of human viruses that are ubiquitous in human populations, generally cause little illness upon infecting healthy individuals, but can cause life threatening disease in immune-compromised individuals. An important

Factors Affecting Quantification of Total DNA by UV Spectroscopy and PicoGreen Fluorescence

August 26, 2009
Marcia J. Holden, Ross J. Haynes, Savelas A. Rabb, Neena Satija, Kristina Yang, Joe Blasic
The amount of total DNA in a preparation extracted from tissues can be measured several ways, each method offering advantages and disadvantages. It is of interest for the sake of accuracy in quantitation to compare methodologies and determine if good