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Characterization Method of Ionization Chamber Type Detectors

February 25, 2022
Leticia Pibida, Ronaldo Minniti, Miles McCord
A wide variability in accuracy exists among commercial radiation detection instruments used to measure exposure rate or ambient dose equivalent rate. These instruments are used to measure both the radiation background and the radiation field produced by

Performance evolution of TLD-700H/600H dosimetry system at extended issue periods

December 15, 2017
Alexander A. Romanyukha, Matthew Grypp, F. Trompier, Alan Keith Thompson, Ronaldo Minniti, Jacque Debroas, Anthony S. Williams
Results of a comprehensive study of the TLD-700H/600H dosimetry system performance for an extended issue period are presented and discussed. It was concluded that the obtained results provide a technical justification to use the current dosimetry system at

The Metrology of a Rastered Spot of X Rays used in Security Screening

November 6, 2014
Lawrence T. Hudson, Jack L. Glover, Ronaldo Minniti
In recent times, ionizing radiation has been used around the world to screen persons for non- medical purposes, namely to detect bulk explosives or other contraband hidden on the body including materials not registered by metal detectors. In contrast to

CT head-scan dosimetry in an anthropomorphic phantom and associated measurement of ACR accreditation-phantom imaging metrics under clinically representative scan conditions

July 24, 2013
Ronaldo Minniti, Claudia Brunner, Stanley H. Stern, Marie I. Parry, Kish Chakrabarti
The purpose of this work was to measure radiation absorbed dose and its distribution in an anthropomorphic head phantom under clinically representative scan conditions in three widely-used computed tomography (CT) scanners, and to relate those dose values

Relationship between CTDI values and measured Peak Skin Dose (PSD)

July 16, 2013
Ronaldo Minniti, Hugo de las Heras Gala, Sean Wilson, Chad Mitchell, Marlene Skopec, Claudia Brunner, Kish Chakrabarti
In this work we relate the CT dose index volume (CTDIvol) readily displayed in all CT units with an actual Peak Skin Dose (PSD) value. Measurements of the CTDI and skin exposure were performed simultaneously using an ionization chamber and radiochromic

Measurements and Standards for Bulk-Explosive Detection

May 31, 2012
Lawrence T. Hudson, Fred B. Bateman, Paul M. Bergstrom, Frank Cerra, Jack L. Glover, Ronaldo Minniti, Stephen M. Seltzer, Ronald E. Tosh
Due to the ease of assembly and leveraged disruptive effect, the improvised explosive device (IED) is the method of choice of today’s terrorist. With more than ten thousand IED incidents annually, and global expenditures for aviation and commercial

Effect of Neutron Irradiation on Dosimetric Properties of the TLD-600H (Lif6:Mg,Cu,P)

November 1, 2011
Alexander A. Romanyukha, Ronaldo Minniti, M. Moscovitch, Alan Keith Thompson, F. Trompier, Ronald Colle, A Sucheta, S. P. Voss, L. A. Benevides
Ideally, dosimeters should measure the dose without their dosimetric properties being affected by the radiation type being measured. Industry-wide occupational radiation workers that can be potentially exposed to neutron radiation fields are routinely

Comparison of Air Kerma and Absorbed Dose to Water Measurements of Co-60 Radiation Beams in Radiotherapy

April 30, 2010
Ronaldo Minniti, I. Csete, A.G. Leiton, V. Sochor, A. Lapenas, J.-E Grindborg, I Jokelainen, H. Bjerke, J. Dobrovodsky, A. Megzifene, H.J. Costas, R. Ivanov, B. Vekic, J. Kokocinski, H.J. Cardoso, L. Buermann, W. Tiefenboeck, G. Stucki, E. van Dijk , M P. Toni, J.P. McCaffrey, C.N.M. da Silva, I Kharitonov, D. Webb, M Saravi, F. Delaunay
The results of the 25 participants of the EUROMET.RI(I)-K1 and EUROMET.RI(I)-K4 key comparisons are reported to support their relevant CMC claims being published or going to be published by the participant laboratories. The measured quantities were the air

Treatment of Uncertainties in Radiation Dosimetry

August 18, 2009
Michael G. Mitch, Larry DeWerd, Ronaldo Minniti, J Williamson
When one perform a physical measurement or a Monte Carlo simulation and obtains a numerical result, the following questions may be asked. How accurate is the result? Is the measurement or simulation method of high quality? Can the result be meaningfully

Absorbed Dose to Water Calibration of Ionization Chambers in a 60 Co Gamma-Ray Beam

September 1, 2006
Ronaldo Minniti, J Shobe, Stephen M. Seltzer, Huaiyu H. Chen-Mayer, S R. Domen
Absorbed-dose-to-water calibrations are important to the medical community to facilitate the accurate determination of doses delivered to tumors during external-beam cancer therapy. The first version of this document offered an absorbed-dose-to-water