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Four Principles of Explainable Artificial Intelligence (Draft)

P J. Phillips, Amanda C. Hahn, Peter C. Fontana, David A. Broniatowski, Mark A. Przybocki
We introduce four principles for explainable artificial intelligence (AI) that comprise the fundamental properties for explainable AI systems. They were

Perceptual expertise in forensic facial image comparison

P J. Phillips, David White, Alice O'Toole, Carina A. Hahn, Matthew Hill
Forensic facial identification examiners are required to match the identity of faces in images that vary substantially, owing to changes in viewing conditions

Report on the FG 2015 Video Person Recognition Evaluation

P J. Phillips, J. R. Beveridge, Hao Zhang, Bruce A. Draper, Patrick J. Flynn, Zhenhua Feng, Patrik Huber, Josef Kittler, Zhiwu Huang, Shaoxin Li, Yan Li, Meina Kan, Ruiping Wang, Shiguang Shan, Xilin Chen, Haoxiang Li, Hua Gang, Vitomir Struc, Janez Krizaj, Changxing Ding, Dacheng Tao

Generalizing Face Quality and Factor Measures to Video

Yooyoung Lee, P J. Phillips, James J. Filliben, J. R. Beveridge, Hao H. Zhang
Methods for assessing the impact of factors and image-quality metrics for still face images are well-understood. The extension of these factors and quality

Identifying Face Quality and Factor Measures for Video

Yooyoung Lee, P J. Phillips, James J. Filliben, J. R. Beveridge, Hao Zhang
This paper identifies important factors for face recognition algorithm performance in video. The goal of this study is to understand key factors that affect