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Emergence of chaotic scattering in ultracold Er and Dy

November 19, 2015
T. Maier, H Kadau, M. Schmitt, M. Wenzel, I. Ferrier-Barbut, T. Pfau, A. Frisch, S. Baier, K. Aikawa, L. Chomaz, Mark M.J., F. Ferlaino, Constantinos Makrides, A Petrov, Svetlana A. Kotochigova, Eite Tiesinga
We show that for complex and magnetic atoms chaotic scattering behavior emerges due to anisotropic inter- action potentials and finite Zeeman coupling. This generic behavior is studied in a collaborative effort for both ultracold dysprosium and erbium

Anisotropy induced Feshbach resonances in a quantum dipolar gas of magnetic atoms.

September 7, 2012
A Petrov, Svetlana A. Kotochigova, Eite Tiesinga
We explore the anisotropic nature of Feshbach resonances in the collision between ultracold magnetic submerged-shell dysprosium atoms, which can only occur due to couplings to rotating bound states. This is in contrast to well-studied alkali-metal atom

Controlling Polar Molecules in Optical Lattices

April 17, 2006
Svetlana A. Kotochigova, Eite Tiesinga
We determine conditions for effective quantum control over internal and external degrees of freedom of polar alkali-metal molecules in optical lattices. We show that a relatively modest laser intensity is needed for strong confinement of polar molecules in

Ab Initio Relativistic Calculation of the RbCs Molecule

October 28, 2005
Svetlana A. Kotochigova, Eite Tiesinga
We apply the relativistic configuration interaction valence bond method to calculate various characteristics of the alkali-metal RbCs dimer. These include the electronic potentials and transition dipole moments between the ground and first excited states

Photoassociative Formation of Ultracold Polar KRb Molecules

November 1, 2004
Svetlana A. Kotochigova, Eite Tiesinga, Paul S. Julienne
We investigate the effectiveness of creating polar ground state KRb molecules by two-color photoassociative spectroscopy. In this process the molecules are formed from ultra-cold samples of K and Rb. Focussing on spin-polarized atoms we show that an