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Precise Calculation of Transition Frequencies of Hydrogen and Deuterium Based on a Least-Squares Analysis



U Jentschura, Svetlana A. Kotochigova, E-O Le Bigot, Peter J. Mohr, Barry N. Taylor


Theoretical values of transition frequencies of hydrogen and deuterium are given, based on the most accurate measurements together with the results of recent quantum electrodynamics calculations. The frequencies are evaluated by a method that is shown to be equivalent to enlarging the 2002 CODATA least-squares adjustment of the fundamental constants to calculate additional energy levels. In this way, optimal predictions for the transition frequencies consistent with the values of the constants and their correlations are made. These frequencies are available on the Web at
Physical Review Letters


deuterium, energy levels, hydrogen, hydrogenic spectrum, least-squares analysis, transition frequencies
Created October 11, 2005, Updated November 10, 2018