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PFHub: The Phase-Field Community Hub

Daniel Wheeler, Trevor Keller, Jonathan E. Guyer, James A. Warren, Stephen DeWitt, Andrea Jokisaari, Daniel Schwen, Larry Aagesen, Olle Heinonen, Michael Tonks, Peter Voorhees
An online portal provides a valuable space for scientific communities to summarize a shared challenge, collect attempts at a solution, and present a

Benchmark Problems for Phase Field Modeling

Andrea Jokisaari, P W. Voorhees, Jonathan E. Guyer, James A. Warren, O. G. Heinonen
We present the first set of benchmark problems for phase field models that are being devel- oped by the Center for Heirarchical Materials Design (CHiMaD) and

An Informatics Infrastructure for the Materials Genome Initiative

Alden A. Dima, Sunil K. Bhaskarla, Chandler A. Becker, Mary C. Brady, Carelyn E. Campbell, Philippe J. Dessauw, Robert J. Hanisch, Ursula R. Kattner, Kenneth G. Kroenlein, Adele P. Peskin, Raymond L. Plante, Guillaume Sousa Amaral, Zachary T. Trautt, James A. Warren, Sharief S. Youssef, Sheng Yen Li, Pierre Francois Rigodiat, Marcus W. Newrock
A materials data infrastructure that enables the sharing and transformation of a wide range of materials data is an essential part of achieving the goals of the

Irreversible thermodynamics of creep in crystalline solids

Yuri Mishin, James A. Warren, Robert F. Sekerka, William J. Boettinger
We develop an irreversible thermodynamics framework for the description of creep deformation in crystalline solids by mechanisms that involve vacancy diffusion

The Effect of Substrate Material on Silver Nanoparticle Antimicrobial Efficacy

Benita Dair, Dave M. Saylor, T. E. Cargal, Grace R. French, Kristen M. Kennedy, Rachel S. Casas, Jonathan E. Guyer, James A. Warren, Steven K. Pollack
With the advent of Nanotechnology, silver nanoparticles increasingly are being used in coatings, especially in medical device applications, to capitalize on

A Multicomponent and Multiphase Model of Reactive Wetting

Walter Villanueva, William J. Boettinger, Geoffrey B. McFadden, James A. Warren
A diffuse-interface model of reactive wetting with intermetallic formation is presented. The model incorporates fluid flow, solute diffusion, and phase change

FiPy: PDEs in Python

Jonathan E. Guyer, Daniel Wheeler, James A. Warren
Partial differential nist-equations (PDEs) are ubiquitous to the mathematical description of physical phenomena. They describe the relationships between