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Vector-Valued Phase Field Model for Crystallization and Grain Boundary Formation



R Kobayashi, James A. Warren, W Carter


We propose a new model for calculation of the crystallization and impingement of many particles with differing orientations. Based on earlier phase field models, a vector order parameter is introduced, and thus orientation of crystal/disordered interfaces can be determined relative to a crystalline frame. This model improves upon previous attempts to describe this phenomenon, as it requires far fewer equations of motion, and is energetically invariant under rotations. In this report a one dimensional simulation of the model will be presented along with preliminary investigations of two dimensional simulations.
Scripta Materialia


crystalline orientations, crystallization, grain growth, phase field method, solidification


Kobayashi, R. , Warren, J. and Carter, W. (2021), Vector-Valued Phase Field Model for Crystallization and Grain Boundary Formation, Scripta Materialia (Accessed September 27, 2023)
Created October 12, 2021