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A Soot Deposition Gauge for Fire Measurements

Amy E. Mensch, Thomas G. Cleary
The goal of this exploratory project is to demonstrate the feasibility of a conductometric measurement to determine the time-resolved soot deposition on

Pyrolysis Smoke Generated Under Low-Gravity Conditions

Jiann C. Yang, Thomas G. Cleary, George W. Mulholland, D L. Urban, Gary A. Ruff, Zeng-guang Yuan, Marit Meyer, Victoria Bryg
A series of smoke experiments were carried out in the Microgravity Science Glovebox on the International Space Station (ISS) Facility to assess the impact of

An Analysis of the Performance of Smoke Alarms

Thomas G. Cleary
Test results from the NIST 2008 Smoke Alarm Sensitivity Study were used in a smoke alarm performance analysis to examine the effects of pre-movement time