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Annotated Bibliography of Key Publications on Business and Economic Recovery from Disasters

Sahar Derakhshan, Juri Kim, Maria Watson, Stephanie Chang, Charolotte Brown, Noah Dormandy, John Handmer, Jennifer F. Helgeson, Yoshio Kajitani, Adriana Keating, Ilan Noy, Adam Rose, Anne Wein, Norihiko Yamano
This Working Group focuses on the economic recovery of businesses and economies from the COVID-19 pandemic. With communities around the world experiencing

Six-sigma Quality Management of Additive Manufacturing

Yan Lu, Hui Yang, Paul W. Witherell
Quality is a key determinant in deploying new processes, products or services, and influences the adoption of emerging manufacturing technologies. The advent of

Staggered spin Hall conductivity

Fei Xue, Paul M. Haney
The intrinsic spin Hall effect plays an important role in spintronics applications, such as spin-orbit torque-based memory. The bulk space group symmetry

NIST IPv6 Profile

Douglas C. Montgomery, Mark E. Carson, Timothy Winters, Michayla Newcombe, Timothy Carlin
This profile establishes a basic taxonomy of IPv6 capabilities, defined in terms of IETF specifications, resulting in specific capability labels for common

NISTv6 Capabilities Table

Douglas C. Montgomery, Timothy Winters
The NISTv6 Capabilities Table (NCT) provides a concise tabular summary of the technical requirements of the NISTv6 profile. For ease of reference, the NCT is
Displaying 1 - 25 of 52385