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Room Temperature Fracture Toughness Characterization of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V



Enrico Lucon, Jake T. Benzing, Nikolas W. Hrabe


The room temperature elastic-plastic fracture toughness of additively manufactured (AM) Ti 6Al- 4V was characterized by means of Elastic Compliance (EC) tests on Charpy-type fatigue precracked and side-grooved specimens. Various fabrication and material conditions were investigated: such as as-built and hot isostatically pressed specimens, non-supported and supported specimens, different values of scan length. The results, although strictly not fully compliant with ASTM E1820-18ae1, can be considered representative of the fracture toughness of the material in the different conditions, and compare favorably with literature data for both non-AM and AM Ti-6Al-4V. Additional analyses were conducted with another single-specimen approach (Normalization Data Reduction) and were compared with EC results.
Technical Note (NIST TN) - 2065
Report Number


Additive manufacturing, elastic compliance, fracture toughness, normalization data reduction, scan length, Ti-6Al-4V.
Created September 16, 2019