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Reflectance data set and variability study for human skin reflectance



Catherine C. Cooksey, David W. Allen, Benjamin K. Tsai


The optical properties of human skin have been of interest to researchers for some time. Their interest is based on a need to know for a variety of different applications, which range from spectral imaging for automated or stand-off detection, non-invasive clinical diagnostic tools, improved models for understanding light propagation, to colour-based applications, such as reproduction of skin colour in photography and printing and colour-matching in cosmetics industries. Here we present a summary of a study that aimed to create a large data set of high-quality, human-skin reflectance spectra and quantify the variability of the resulting data set.
Proceedings Title
Proceedings of the CIE 2019 29th Session
Conference Dates
June 17-21, 2019
Conference Location
Washington, DC


Reflectance, skin color, skin color variation, spectral
Created July 1, 2019, Updated January 27, 2020