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Recursive Motion Estimation of Range Image



Hamid Gharavi, Shaoshuai Gao


In this paper, we present an innovative recursive motion estimation technique that can take advantage of the in-depth resolution (range) to perform an accurate estimation of objects that have undergone 3-D translational and rotational movements. This approach iteratively aims at minimizing the error between the object in the current frame and its compensated object using estimated motion displacement from the previous range measurements. In addition, in order to use the range data on the non-rectangular grid in the Cartesian coordinate, we consider a combination of derivative filters and the transformation between the Cartesian coordinates and the sensor-centered coordinates. For sequences of moving range images we demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.
Conference Title
IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP-07)


3-D motion estimation, Ladar, Laser scanners, object tracking, range image
Created April 4, 2007, Updated February 19, 2017