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Recommendations on Ensuring Traceability and Trustworthiness of Manufacturing-Related Data



Thomas D. Hedberg Jr., Moneer M. Helu, Sylvere I. Krima, Allison Barnard Feeney


The purpose of this recommendations report is to provide practical how-to guidance for ensuring traceability and trustworthiness of manufacturing-related data. The recommendations contained herein address both subtractive and additive manufacturing processes. Commercial-solution developers, technical-assessment personnel, and interested end-users are the intended audience of this recommendations report. Guidance for deploying a system, or set of systems, for ensuring traceability and trustworthiness of manufacturing-related data is the scope of this recommendations report. Data formats conforming to selected international, open, consensus-based standards are in scope. Proprietary data formats are out of scope. File-based and data-stream representations are in scope. Data collected from computer numerical control subtractive fabrication processes (e.g., milling, turning) and CNC metal-forming additive (e.g., directed-energy deposition, powder-bed fusion) fabrication processes is in scope. Data collected from polymer-based additive processes, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) composite processes, and mass-conserving fabrication processes (e.g., casting, forging) is out of scope.
Advanced Manufacturing Series (NIST AMS) - 300-10
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Digital signature, trustworthiness, data traceability
Created July 15, 2020, Updated July 16, 2020