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Reciprocal Space Neutron Imaging



D A. Pushin, D G. Cory, Muhammad D. Arif, David L. Jacobson, M Huber


Here we introduce a Fourier based method for phase contrast neutron imag-ing, report its experimental implementation, show results for a 1-D test phan-tom, and outline the reconstruction methodology. This new approach makes useof neutron interferometry to achieve both phase contrast and to spatially codethe phase of the neutron with a linear phase grating. The spatial informationis recovered from the coherent interference of this phase grating and a spatialphase distribution due to the sample. By moving neutron imaging from real toreciprocal space (in analogy to Fourier magnetic resonance imaging [1]) we avoidthe need for position sensitive detectors and improve the potential image reso-lution. The ultimate resolution will depend solely on the beam characteristics:intensity, momentum spread, and divergence.
Nature Physics


Fourier spectroscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, neutron imaging


Pushin, D. , Cory, D. , Arif, M. , Jacobson, D. and Huber, M. (2021), Reciprocal Space Neutron Imaging, Nature Physics (Accessed July 15, 2024)


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Created October 12, 2021