Recent Advances in Ambient Mass Spectrometry of Trace Explosives

Published: May 06, 2018


Thomas P. Forbes, Edward R. Sisco


Ambient mass spectrometry has evolved rapidly over the past decade, yielding a plethora of platforms and demonstrating scientific advancements across a range of fields from biological imaging to rapid quality control. These techniques have enabled real time detection of target analytes in an open environment with no sample preparation and can be coupled to any mass analyzer with an atmospheric pressure interface; capabilities of clear interest to the defense, customs and border control, transportation security, and forensic science communities. This review aims to showcase and critically discuss advances in ambient mass spectrometry for the trace detection of explosives.
Citation: Analyst
Volume: 143
Issue: 9
Pub Type: Journals


Ambient mass spectrometry, ambient ionization, explosives detection, narcotics detection, security, forensics
Created May 06, 2018, Updated November 10, 2018