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Purcell and Local-Field Effects in Dielectric Microcavities



A Rahmani, Garnett W. Bryant


We present a general, semi-microscopic, self-consistent treatment of spontaneous emission for a two-level atom in a dielectric microcavity with arbitrary shape and size. Lossless and absorbing media are considered. The approach is based on linear-response theory and the coupled dipole method. We compute decay rates and classical frequency shifts. By considering an atom in a spherical cavity, we identify the Purcell effect, the local-field factor and the near-field dipole-dipole interaction, and we show how the real-cavity local-field factor is enhanced by radiation reaction.
Physical Review Letters


coupled-dipole method, local field, Purcell effect spontaneous emission


Rahmani, A. and Bryant, G. (2008), Purcell and Local-Field Effects in Dielectric Microcavities, Physical Review Letters (Accessed May 28, 2023)
Created October 16, 2008