Public Safety User Interface R&D Summit Report

Published: March 16, 2018


Scott A. Ledgerwood, Marc Leh


The User Interface Roadmap R&D Summit allowed PSCR stakeholders to build on the findings published in the recent Public Safety User Interface R&D Roadmap. It provided an avenue for public safety end-users, industry and academic experts, and federal partners to prioritize the areas of need identified in the roadmap and gather additional technical, measurement, and operational requirements to further inform PSCR’s R&D project planning within its User Interface Portfolio. This report will highlight the key technology gaps, capabilities, and measurement approaches specific to public safety's expanded use of future user interface technologies discussed at the July 18-19 meeting.
Citation: PSCR
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Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Voice Command, Unmanned Vehicles, Haptic
Created March 16, 2018, Updated March 16, 2018