PSCR Highly Mobile Deployable Networks R&D Summit Report

Published: February 23, 2018


Maxwell K. Maurice, Samuel L. Ray, Marc Leh


The Public Safety Communications Research Program (PSCR) convened over 85 stakeholders at the Department of Commerce Boulder, CO campus to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing public safety’s expanded use of next-generation deployable systems. This two-day event took place October 18-19 and gave stakeholders an opportunity to provide input on public safety’s requirements and desired outcomes for the “Next Generation Deployable Network,” defined by PSCR as multiple independent LTE networks all operating in conjunction with one another to augment the existing public safety broadband network. Summit attendees brainstormed how to advance LTE architecture, resiliency, backhaul, and other potential solutions more effectively to support two highpriority deployable network use cases.
Citation: Highly Mobile Deployed Networks
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Created February 23, 2018, Updated February 27, 2018